We provide innovative solutions to the current crowdfunding scene with the aim to open a brand new market segment with NFT technology. Compared to traditional fundraising, Crowdhero focuses only on digital products instead of physical products. Thus, beside from standard features such as project discovery, project recommendations, payments and allowing creators to withdraw funds to their bank accounts, we add in several innovative features such as:
  • Fundraising with Cryptocurrency: Creators can select to fundraise with stable coin USDT or our token CRWD.
  • Innovative Updating Schedule: Since the products are all in digital form, we provide our creators to update their producing / making progress to their backers and get paid according to this schedule. This will create more trust and reduce risks for backers.
  • NFT Components: Each backer will receive digital products from their supported creators with NFT logging all of the backing and transaction data for the project proving the authenticity of the digital product.
Traditional Crowdfunding
Mainly physical products &
little digital products
Digital products
8% + 0.2 USD
(Extra charge
depending on countries)
10% flat
Fiats: PayPal, …
Fiats &
Cryptocurrency: USDT, CRWD
Smart Contract
Aside from NFT, Crowdhero will also be implementing Blockchain’s Smart contract to Crowdfunding for the first time in the world. The use of Smart Contracts are varies:
  • Security: make use of encryption at the Blockchain level which is impregnable and immune to alterations.
  • Transparency: information and logic of the contract is visible to all participants.
  • Accuracy: as a computer program, Smart Contract ensures the most accuracy of execution.

A Smart Contract will be built for fund backing, receiving and also bonus allocation for backers and creators to ensure Transparency and Accuracy.